Meet Aaron: Host, producer, and creator of Weisscast! Aaron hails from Atlanta, GA but was born in Ohio and is a huge Ohio state fan. He also loves the Green Bay Packers, Atlanta United, and the Portland Trailblazers. But Aaron likes more than just sports. He loves: movies, tv, video games, tech, comics, board games. Pretty much anything that you can nerd out about, Aaron nerds out about.

Meet Bryant: Co-Host of Weisscast. Bryant is a bit of a nomad at the moment. He is a bigtime Manchester United Fan as well as, Michigan Wolverines, and Atlanta Falcons. Bryant can hold a conversation on just about any subject. He is a great balance to Aaron's zaniness, and an excellent co-host.

Bet you did not expect a random nerdy picture to pop up from nowhere! That is the what is at the heart of weisscast: Random nerdy stuff that we talk about each and every week!